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Sprouted Pixel Dungeon is a remake of the popular roguelike by Pixel Dungeon where they've added a few changes to make this gaming experience much more accessible. This remake is still centered around the same objective: try to get as far as you can into a dungeon that's full of monsters and traps.

At the beginning of each game, players get to choose to control a warrior, mage, thief, and hunter. Each of these clases of characters has its own virtues and vices, which is why you'll need to get to know them better to make the most of this game.

The mechanics behind Sprouted Pixel Dungeon are very similar to traditional roguelikes: get as far as you can within the levels of the dungeon, face off against your enemies in turn taking combats, find and equip your characters with the weapons and armor that you come across, gain experience and level up. Effectively, try to stay alive as long as you can.

The newest feature, if you can call it that, in Sprouted Pixel Dungeon in comparison with other games in the Pixel Dungeon saga is that it's a little bit simpler. By 'a little bit' we mean exactly that, it's still not easy. The game continues to be a challenging experience where you're going to need to muster up all your strategy skills to survive.

Sprouted Pixel Dungeon is an excellent 'roguelike' that has the best of each worlds when it comes to genre classics, and has a nice fusion of modern system controls with charming pixelated graphics. It's practically a must have for aficionados within this genre, and without a dout, the best 'Pixel Dungeon' to start out with.
Pixel Dungeon, the most played roguelike on Android

If you're looking for a textbook example of the roguelike genre, look no further than Pixel Dungeon. You could pretty much consider it one of the heavyweights of the new silver age, way above and beyond the rough ASCII environments used in Rogue, Hack or Moria. Although it was initially released for Android in 2012, the fact that it was distributed under a GNU license and shared its source code publicly, has led to countless clones and remakes. These new versions have continued to add endless content to the already enormous number of possibilities of the original game.
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Android 2.2 or higher

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